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A mother holding a swadled newborn baby.

Hannah was everything we were looking for in a doula - experienced, supportive, nonjudgmental, attentive, and engaged. She helped us feel confident and excited preparing for childbirth, and on the big day, which turned into three days and an unplanned C-section, Hannah was amazing throughout. My husband she earned every cent of her fee during just the first hour when she arrived at the hospital. Hannah and my husband were such a great team, as she offered both of us attentive and active support, including reminding us of coping strategies and positions; helping me breathe and cope through each contraction; taking over when my husband needed a break, meal, or nap; helping us think through medical decisions; taking pictures; and just being incredibly caring with us. She also followed up after and visited us during the first couple weeks and shared in our reflection on the whole experience, helping me with my healing after, offering helpful tips, and reminding me to feel proud of myself. Hannah deeply cares for her clients, and I'm so glad we found her.


We had a great experience with Hannah for as our doula! I was so grateful to have Hannah by my side at my birth. Hannah is warm, relaxed and funny. She knew my birth wishes and helped me to make decisions that felt authentic to me. She was so devoted, encouraging and comforting - especially during my uber long pushing stage. Hannah provided us with lots of great resources about podcasts, classes and local recommendations. Invaluable to us since we recently moved to Tallahassee! Our doula meetings were very relaxed and helped me to feel very comfortable with Hannah. I would recommend her as a doula to anyone giving birth that is looking for a compassionate and knowledgeable doula by their side! 


Hiring Hannah as my doula was the best decision I could have made. During our first meeting I could see how passionate she was about ensuring her clients' have a positive birth experience. From the beginning she provided me with several birth and postpartum resources and over time helped me develop a birth plan that was right for me.

She allowed me to labor at home as long as possible, and for that I am truly grateful. When my spouse called her she quickly came over and helped me through some of the most painful contractions. She made sure I was as comfortable as I could be in that state and encouraged me to eat and rest in between contractions. She helped me get into different positions to optimize baby's positioning and listened to me when I told her which positions felt too uncomfortable for me. She knew when it was time to go to the hospital and by the time we arrived I was ready to push. She helped support and coach me through the pushing phase, while also allowing my husband to be my main source of comfort. Between her and my partner I felt so much love and support.

She was so encouraging and was a cheerleader throughout the whole experience.  All of this led to me having exactly the birth experience that I wanted. She gave me the courage and support to have an unmedicated birth, which was so empowering. Her compassion, knowledge, and humor were such a vital part of my experience. I can't recommend her enough!


Hannah was amazingly kind and knowledgeable from the moment we first sat down to meet. It was like talking to an old friend which is the relationship I knew I wanted with my doula for baby two. She was easily accessible by text and call and made our meetings convienant for my schedule. During the birth of our baby, she was on time and caring. She helped with position changes and being a supportive hand with our home birth. Whenever I needed it, she was extra encouraging and was always right there for whatever we needed. Thank you Hannah from the bottom of our hearts for being so wonderful and caring! 


Hannah was the most amazing support for my labor and leading up. I ended up having to be induced and I was very nervous, Hannah helped and talked about it with me and provided me with some great resources along the lines of positive inductions, which alone helped me to feel more calm. 

I called her to the hospital after my water broke and contractions became more intense, Hannah did so great reminding me to breathe and helped me through each contraction, (also did soo great with counter pressure!) About the time I was in transition she helped remind me that I could it, and I was doing it! I really couldn't have asked for a better doula. We are so grateful to Hannah, and I will recommend her to anyone who asks! 


It was a very worthwhile decision choosing Hannah to be a part of our birth team. She always had an open mind towards our thoughts and wishes as we planned for our birth. She helped get us thinking and exploring options for the unexpected. When the big day finally arrived, relying on her knowledge made us feel more at ease and confident about the very-real choices we had to make during labor. We believe it made a significant difference, us having a reassuring birth guide who remained by our side during my longer-than-expected labor and delivery. Hannah was consistently supportive, patient, and attentive throughout the entirety of my labor experience. When I needed physical or emotional help, she was right there for me, present and caring. She was determined to help me do all I could do to fulfill my birth goals. My partner and I are very grateful for Hannah's support in our journey to parenthood!


Hannah is somebody who is passionate about mamas, babies, and women having the best possible birth experience. 

This was my second delivery.  My first came fast and furious, and very early, so I was hoping for a more "normal" birth experience the second time around.  Prior to delivering, my husband and I met with Hannah and she listened to all my concerns and we talked about what I hoped would happen this time around.  When I found out that I had to be induced with two days notice she was so helpful in walking me through that process and providing me with the information I needed to help me advocate for myself.  Thankfully I ended up not needing the info because my water broke four hours before my scheduled induction, but it was good to have nonetheless! 

Once again, my labor proved to be fast and she met us at the hospital in the middle of the night.  I'm so glad she was there.  She was calm and prepared, and was able to make suggestions and guide me through the worst pain I have ever experience.  And she was able to explain to me why certain things were happening to my body, like the uncontrollable shaking!  After a few hours I threw in the towel and got an epidural, and felt absolutely no judgment from Hannah for doing so. The next eight hours were far more comfortable for me, but she continued working, suggesting different positions and making sure I was moving as much as possible while stuck in the hospital bed.  She worked very well with the nurses and was the perfect combination of assertive, professional and polite. Her support during the postpartum period was also amazing, with her sending me a ton of resources about breastfeeding, which was stressful for me in the beginning.

I don't plan on having any more children, but if I do I will definitely make sure to have Hannah by my side again! 


When I decided to hire a doula for the birth of my second child, I began by "interviewing" several doulas. Hannah was the first one I talked to and as soon as I got off the phone with her, I knew she was the one. We instantly connected and I loved how her birth story was so similar to that of my first born. Hannah understood prodromal labor.

My birth plan was to labor at home before transferring to the hospital to continue an unmedicated, natural child birth. I was so hopeful that my second wouldn't be like my first but it was in fact, worse. I felt like I was in prodromal labor for not just days, but weeks leading up to the birth and Hannah was there for me every time I needed her. Several times, she helped calm me down and prevented what would have been a wasteful trip to the hospital. Hannah endured enumerable texts and phone calls and gave me positive advice on how to deal with prodromal labor.

When I was 8 days passed my due date (highly anxious!) and had to be induced, Hannah was there for me. With her loving support, she helped me labor unmedicated for nearly 40 hours and helped guide me to make informed medical decisions regarding my labor induction and augmentation (I ended up having to have several interventions progressing from Cervidil induction to waters artificially broken to pitocin and ultimately a caesarean when I failed to progress past 4cm over a 24 hour period). 

Hannah's presence, guidance, and support at my labor and birth was immeasurable. I honestly don't know what I would have done without her and am positive that my birth experience would have been viewed in a negative light instead of a positive one. It was a really emotional challenging time and every part of my original birth plan changed but Hannah made the whole experience a calm and collected one.

I can't thank you enough, Hannah, for the support you gave me. It truly was a treasure to have you there.


My birth experience with Hannah as my doula was wonderful. I truly cannot imagine having done it without her by my side through every step of the way. From the very first time i reached out to Hannah before securing her as my doula, she  immediately felt like a friend. She was so personable and made me feel like i truly could talk to her and reach out to her about anything. Throughout my entire pregnancy i felt a peace knowing i had her to lean on. During my laboring process Hannah allowed me the space as well as the comfort, security, and support that i needed (and sometimes didn't realize I needed).

I labored at home for a few hours, just my partner and I. When things got more intense and i felt like i needed extra support, i called on Hannah and she was right there. She came prepared with so many tips and tools that i truly believe helped me stay calm and confident until it was time to actually give birth. Although my birth "plan" had many many changes... Hannah never once wavered in her support and truly helped me feel like it was okay that my plans were changing. "If the plan isn't working.. change the plan" is something i remember Hannah saying that really stuck with me. When i started feeling guilt for changing my natural birthing desires, Hannah was the first one to remind me that ANY kind of birth is natural and that i was 100% in control of my birth experience. She advocated for me throughout my extremely long labor. I was and am still incredibly thankful. My partner and both agree that we couldn't have done it without her. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for extra support emotionally, physically, or even if you feel that you just may need a friend during such a crazy time in your life such as pregnancy and labor. I know that if i ever give birth again that Hannah will be right by my side once again. 


Hannah is one of the most compassionate people you could ever meet, and this is evident in her work as a doula. She was an incredible blessing to our family during the birth of our daughter.

This was my second delivery. During prenatal discussions, she was eager to listen to my hopes for the birth, asked questions both to help clarify my expectations and to help me think through scenarios I had not considered. She was knowledgable about resources for pregnancy, labor and delivery, and post-partum (including breastfeeding). It was also obvious that she is well read and familiar with a wide range of literature on the relevant topics. 

We initially planned to deliver in a birthing center but were transferred to the hospital for medical reasons. Hannah showed up and was there the entire time, providing many different types of support to me and my husband. She offered massage and counter pressure for pain, suggested different positions (including use of birthing balls), and held my hand while helping to guide my breathing. She also offered suggestions and encouragement to my husband, enabling him to be the support partner I needed. She advocated for me to the nurses and doctors as well, helping me to ask questions and to make my wishes clear and asking follow-up questions on my behalf.

Through the entire birth, she continued to remind me that my body was doing what it needed to be doing despite my pain and discouragement. Transition and pushing were rapid, intense, and scary, but Hannah helped me to listen to my body during delivery and then to cope with the adreniline and anxiety I had immediately afterward.

She truly desires to see her mothers empowered and encouraged to deliver on their terms. I was able to deliver unmedicated largely in part to her support. She is wonderful, and you would be in excellent care if you hire her as your doula. 


It's hard to express how deeply grateful I am to have had Hannah throughout our birth journey as our doula. Hannah is very knowledgeable and supported us and our wishes throughout my pregnancy, labor, and then some. She informed us when we didn't know what to ask, and offered us great peace at such a special time. She was invaluable support in every way at every step

Not to mention incredibly strong offering counter pressure and pain relief during my contractions. Wow!


Hannah is a true nurturer and an empowerer. I hope to never have to birth without her by our side.


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